Designed for those interested in trying out for their school golf team

8th - 12th Graders

What will be taught?

The RotarySwingTour, which is based on biomechanics and how the body moves utilizing small motion drills. They will be taught how to generate clubhead speed without extra effort and reduce the potential for injury

  • Full swing fundamentals
  • Short game & putting
  • How to Practice
  • Drills for Improvement
    Certified RotarySwing Tour

    RotarySwing Tour is based on:

    Biomechanics- How the body moves

    Physics - Generating clubhead speed without extra effort and reducing the potential for injury.

    How the Brain Learns- Small motions and pieces of information speed up the learning process.

    With over hundreds of lessons and Video Analysis sessions completed, my students learn faster and more completely about how to execute a better golf swing.